I use patterns and systems, whether visible or invisible, to investigate the human vulnerability to dogma and other fallacies. Like solving puzzles, I set arbitrary rules and follow them to their logical conclusions. An underlying preoccupation with repetition and structure leads me to devise and then decode these riddles over and over again.

My current series DRAWINGS IN THREE DIMENSIONS, which was begun during a three-year stint in Japan, is the outgrowth of a two-dimensional sketch journal in black and white. Hovering between drawing and sculpture, the compositions are defined by repetitive mark-making within the confines of certain rules. Each piece begins with the making of arbitrary marks which are subsequently codified into a sort of visual law, then broken apart and reconstructed as a three-dimensional object. The resulting configurations, which only reveal themselves in the course of executing the rules, alternate between organic shapes like those found in biological structures, and geometric forms that evoke the irregular rhythm of stalactites and stalagmites.

The ongoing series MINERALS is an examination of stereotyping, the hidden systems that inevitably influence human behavior in all cultures and societies. Mapping one system onto another, I use the faces of famous personalities to represent the most extreme qualities of minerals such as hardness, luster and size. The series was initially developed in the United States using references from American culture. It was later reinterpreted to address a Japanese audience following a 2-month research residency at Tokyo Arts and Space. As a dual French/American citizen, I plan to extend the series to encompass references from the cultures of France and French-speaking nations.