March 10, 2017

Natale Adgnot

Polymorphs (Diamond and Graphite),  2016. Acrylic and acrylic transfer on linen 91 x 73 cm

Polymorphs (Diamond and Graphite), 2016.
Acrylic and acrylic transfer on linen
91 x 73 cm

TOKYO – 10 March, 2017 2 Gallery will present an exhibition of recent work by Tokyo artist Natale Adgnot from March 24 through 31. The exhibition will feature over 30 paintings and drawings from 2016 and 2017. The gallery is located in Omotesando’s Commune 2nd community space. 

"Mineral Siblings" is a series inspired by the similarities and the differences between human siblings and their mineral counterparts. Taking a page from the science of mineralogy, Natale Adgnot creates paintings and drawings that show related minerals together, like children in a family portrait.

Sometimes, strikingly different minerals such as diamond and graphite are polymorphs – that is, two forms of the very same chemical compound. Like blood brothers and sisters, despite their shared origins, they are virtually unrelated. Other works in the series focus on mineral twinning – a natural phenomenon that occurs when distinct crystals form in aggregates that look like conjoined twins. They are analogous to brothers and sisters who don't fall far from the tree (or from each other). 

Some canvases in the series give higher profile to unknown people than to their famous siblings. Unfamiliar faces are right-side up while familiar ones are upside down, literally turning on its head the notion that some people are worth more than others. 

American/French artist Natale Adgnot relocated from New York to Tokyo in 2015. Adgnot’s career has included stints at Christie’s auction house, in Paris haute couture, and teaching at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Her work was featured in the Blossom Blast 2017 exhibition at UltraSuperNew Gallery. She completed an artist residency at Tokyo Wonder Site in 2015 and another at 3331 Arts Chiyoda in 2016. Her fascination with science and patterns – both visible and invisible – combine to create graphic and geometric compositions.

Adgnot has lived in the United States, France and Japan. She currently lives and works in Tokyo.

For further information:

Opening Reception: March 24, 5-9pm
Exhibition: March 25 - 30, 11am - 8pm / March 31, 11-5pm 2 Gallery みどり荘2ギャラリー
Commune 2nd
3-13-16 Minami-Aoyama
2 minute walk from exit A4 at Omotesando Station on the Ginza, Chiyoda and Hanzomon lines.