Polymorphs (Aragonite and Calcite), 2016.
Acrylic and acrylic transfer on linen
91 x 73 cm

< mineral siblings

This work is part of Natale Adgnot's "Mineral Siblings", a series inspired by the similarities and the differences between human siblings and their mineral counterparts. Some canvases in this series give higher profile to unknown people than to their famous siblings. Unfamiliar faces are right-side up while familiar ones are upside down, literally turning on its head the notion that some people are worth more than others. Audacious women Frida Kahlo and Coco Chanel take the backseat to their sisters for once, while Margot Frank smiles above her lookalike sister Anne, both unaware of their identically tragic fates.

Sometimes, strikingly different minerals such as diamond and graphite are polymorphs – that is, two forms of the very same chemical compound. Like blood brothers and sisters, despite their shared origins, they are practically unrelated. Aragonite and Calcite are two such polymorphs. Other works in the series focus on mineral twinning – a natural phenomenon whereby distinct crystals form in aggregates that look like conjoined twins. They are analogous to brothers and sisters who don't fall far from the tree (or from each other).