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Geometry Geology

  • ES gallery, elephant studio 2F 2-7-4 Shibuya Shibuya-ku Japan (map)

Geometry Geology is an art exhibition by Natale Adgnot and Julia Dittberner including drawing, sculpture and collage.

The work of Franco-American artist Natale Adgnot and that of American artist Julia Dittberner is connected by a shared interest in geology and a fixation on the underlying geometric structures within nature. Geometry Geology, an exhibition which includes drawing, sculpture and collage, is born of a longing for order out of chaos and harmony through contrast.

While both are inspired by diverse facets of the natural world, Natale Adgnot’s small works hover between drawing and sculpture while Julia Dittberner’s large works on paper assemble organic and geometric shapes into dramatic circular compositions. Adgnot’s work is defined by repetitive mark-making, either directly on mineral-inspired backgrounds or within the confines of small panels that evoke the irregular rhythm of stalactites and stalagmites. Her delicate sculptures–or drawings in three dimensions–invite viewers into an intimate experience reminiscent of ancient caves. Dittberner’s collages, teeming with lush foliage and unexpected fauna, offer a counterpart through bold colors and energetic compositions. She meticulously reorganizes images–from flowers to dinosaurs–based on color and pattern, creating dynamic movement within confined spaces. 

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「地質学 幾何学」

フランス系アメリカ人のナタリ・アードニョとアメリカ人のジュリア・ディトバナー、2人の作品は地質学というお互いの興味と自然界に潜む形への関心でつながっている。「地質学 幾何学」ではドローイングや彫刻、コラージュなどが発表される。混乱している状況を整頓させたい、対照的な物事から調和を見つけたい、そんな気持ちから生まれた展覧会だ。


collage from the series "Color Wheels" by  Julia Dittberner

collage from the series "Color Wheels" by Julia Dittberner

sculptural drawing from the series  "Drawings in 3D"  by Natale Adgnot

sculptural drawing from the series "Drawings in 3D" by Natale Adgnot

Earlier Event: April 27
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